An exciting exhibition at the Hillier Gardens 9 – 18 September 2022, featuring watercolours by Christina and multi-media abstracts by Jo Elswood. Both of us base our work on the natural world but express it from opposite ends of the artistic spectrum. For more information or an invitation, contact Christina.

An online selling exhibition of lichen paintings from gold medal RHS displays in the 1980s to the present day. It features specimens from all over the world, ranging from tiny fragments to major works. Click on Love Lichens in the main menu to view the paintings.

On 21st September 2020 Christina’s NEW BOOK The Whole Story, painting more than just the flowers was officially published. See Shop>Books for details. It can be ordered from the publisher or (signed copies) directly from Christina – email her now!

The Whole Story Exhibition ran on this website from 25th September – 31st October 2020. It has been replaced by new pages: PAINTINGS FOR SALE, CHRISTMAS SHOP and NEW YEAR SALE. The selection will change every once in a while, so do keep visiting the page.

Christina has now retired from teaching COURSES AND CLASSES, but has put together some notes and botanical painting projects that can be emailed to you. These are not courses, but two series of 8 topics each. You can sign up for the whole of series A or series B, or choose individual topics that interest you. There will be the opportunity for feedback, also by email or Zoom. Click on the images below for details. If you are interested, please contact Christina for more information.